Chairman's Message

Dear All of those who may concern,

The symposium in Fukuoka for the JSCC society went successfully, and ended with a lot of successful outcomes. I could see may happy faces of people attended and so many exciting students with the in-person conference of this kind. I really would like to thank all the people who gave such enthusiastic contributions to put all things togher to make this conferene so successful. Special thanks should be given to my colleagues, Dr. Kosei Yamauchi, Ms. Mari Uchida, and Dr. Hironobu Ozawa for their continued efforts in getting ready for holding this big successful conference in our home area. Thank you so much!!                                
Ken Sakai
Organizing Committee Chair


Important Deadlines

Important Deadlines

Deadline for the title and abstract submission:July 15 (Fri)〔due NLT〕 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS CLOSED

Deadline for the registration for conference and banquet:July 29 (Fri)Conference and Banquet Registration Site (Opened on June 26)
[Note 1]Emeritus Members and those eligible for benefits over 70 years of age should also make a registration here.
[Note 2]JSCC Awardees (JSCC Awardee, JSCC Distinguished Service Awardee, JSCC Contribution Awardee, JSCC International Awardee, JSCC International Award for Creative Work, JSCC Research Encouragement Awardee) are also requested to make a registration here.

Deadline for the payment (Paypal or 'Yubin Furikae' in Japanese; a bank account of the Japan Post Bank) : Aug. 3 (Wed)

Notes: There are four types of registration to choose from:
・Members (7,000 JPY)
・Student Members (5,000 JPY)
・Non-members (8,000 JPY)
・Non-members (Students) (6,000 JPY)
Registrations are non-refundable except if a delegate makes a cancellation request before Aug. 3

Topics of Discussion

General Sessions (Oral and Poster Presentations) : Topics of Discussion

A:Syntheses and Characterization of Coordination Compounds
B:Geometrical and Electronic Structures of Coordination Compounds
C:Reactions of Coordination Compounds
D:Organometallic Compounds
E:Coordination Compounds related to Bioinorganic Chemistry
F:Functionalities and Applications of Coordination Compounds

Notes:There are two types of general presentations; oral presentation (20 min including discussion) and poster presentation. Postdocs, Ph.D. course students and faculties are supposed to give their talks in English. Master course students are also encouraged to give a talk in English.

The maximum number of general oral talks from a research group

For the selection of presenters in your research group, please follow carefully the instruction listed below: 
(i)3 talks in Japanese
(ii)3 talks in Japanese and a single talk in English
(iii)2 talks in Japanese and 2 talks in English
(iv)A single talk in Japanese and 3 talks in English
(v)4 talks in English
(vi)Participation of a foreign research member adds an extra slot for oral talks: the maximum number of talks from a research group will be five.
(vii)The number of applicants for the oral presentation award is limited to 1 a research group.
(viii)The number of applicants for the poster presentation award is limited to 1 a research group.
Note:  If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us the secretariat for details.

Some of the speakers who enter the oral presentation might be asked to move to the poster presentation if the number of oral presentation entries exceeds the slots in the conference.

【Note 1】Applicants for poster award should spend all the time (2 hours) for poster presentation.
【Note 2】Poster dimensions should correspond to A0 format (long in vertical).

Venue / Information on Nursery

  • Kyudai Ito Campus Access Map
    Sept. 26(Mon.)-27(Tue.)

    Oral presentations, Poster presentations and exhibition
    ・JSCC symposia(Sept. 26)
    ・International Award Lecture for Creative Work(Sept. 27)
    ・JSCC Research Encouragement Award Lectures(Sept. 27)

  • Fukuoka International Congress Center Access Map
    Sept. 28(Wed.)
    Award Lectures 8:50-15:30 Revised
    8:50-9:50 JSCC Award: Shinobu Ito (Osaka Univ.)
    9:55-10:55 JSCC International Award: Karsten Meyer (Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nurnberg)
    11:00-11:45 JSCC Award for Creative Work: Masaaki Ohba (Kyushu Univ.)
    11:45-13:25 Lunch Time
    13:25-14:25 JSCC International Award: Roland A. Fischer (Technische Universitat Munchen)
    14:30-15:30 JSCC Contribution Award: Kazunari Domen (Univ. Tokyo/Shinshu Univ.)
    ・JSCC General Meeting 15:35-16:45 (Rev.9/21)

  • Hotel Ohkura Fukuoka Access Map
    Sept. 28(Wed.)
    Banquet 17:30-19:30 Revised
    saxophon&piano@ banquet
    Shiraito55 (Sake Produced in Ito)

    Banquet Agenda
    1.Opening Remarks
    2.JSCC President Remarks: Prof. Hiroshi Kitagawa
    3.Welcome Speech: Kyudai Director Prof Yoshio Hisaeda
    4.Toast: Kyudai Emeritus Prof Hisashi Okawa
    5.Short Remarks from Foreign Awardees
    6.Closing Remarks
  • Information on Nursery

    Open: Sep. 26 (Mon.) - 27 (Tue.), 2022 9:00-17:00
    Sep. 28 (Wed.), 2022 8:30-16:30(Child care service will be unavailable on Sep.28)
    Venue: Ito campus (Sep. 26-27, 2022)
    Eligibility: From 6 months old to 12 years old


Organizing Committee

Ken SAKAI(Organizing Committee Chair)  Kyushu University 
*Below in Japanese a-i-u-e-o order
Yasuhiro ARIKAWA  Nagasaki University 
Keisuke UMAKOSHI  Nagasaki University 
Toru OHKAWAHARA  National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College 
Ryo OHTANI  Kyushu University 
Masaaki OHBA  Kyushu University 
Seiji OGO  Kyushu University  
Hironobu OZAWA(General Secretary)  Kyushu University 
Toshikazu ONO  Kyushu University 
Ken ONDA  Kyushu University 
Satoshi KAWATA  Fukuoka University 
Nobuo KIMIZUKA  Kyushu University 
Masayuki KOIKAWA  Saga University 
Eri SAKUDA  Nagasaki University 
Osamu SATO  Kyushu University
Hisashi SHIMAKOSHI  Kyushu University 
Yoshihiro SEKINE  Kumamoto University 
Isoroku NAGASAWA  University of Teacher Education Fukuoka 
Shinya HAYAMI  Kumamoto University 
Yoshio HISAEDA  Kyushu University 
Takahiro MATSUMOTO  Kyushu University 
Nobuhiro YANAI  Kyushu University 
Kosei YAMAUCHI(General Secretary)  Kyushu University
Miho YAMAUCHI  Kyushu University
Yasunori YAMADA  Saga University 

Organizer Information

Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan Access Map
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University
General Secretary

Ken Sakai(Chair)

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